Research projects and broadcast meteorology presentations, most of them delivered at regional and national weather conferences:

Recent work

South Dakota tornado outbreak of 24 June 2003

A national single-day, single-state record for tornado occurrences was set on the date, with 67 tornadoes in under six hours in eastern South Dakota.

  • Precursors and initation of the outbreak
    Synoptic setup of the outbreak, including a trajectory analysis of the tornadogenetic air parcels.
  • Evolution of the outbreak
    Meteorological aspects of the outbreak, including cell mergers leading up to the F-4 Manchester tornado, and highly-anomalous tornado movement in the warm sector of the storm.

Spencer, SD tornado

  • Spencer tornado revisited
    Unpublished review of the tornado that killed six people and destroyed the town of Spencer on 30 May 1998.

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